Monday, June 19, 2017

Module 6: Geoprocessing with Python

Module 6 of GIS 5103 was pretty straight forward for the most part. This module focused on performing a script using 3 geoprocessing functions: AddXY tool, Buffer tool, and Dissolve tool.  I would recommend taking time on the Exercise portion and really understanding the process before starting the Assignment. This is something that really helped me get through this assignment.

Below is a screenshot of my results for Module 6.

I completed this task in PythonWin by following these general steps:
1) Making sure that I began with the proper coding at the beginning which would act like a baseline for the following codes. (ex: from arcpy import env)
2) Writing the AddXY_management code correctly 
3) Writing the Buffer tool code correctly (print GetMessages() afterwards)
4)Writing the Dissolve_management tool code correctly (print GetMessages() afterwards)

This lab was fairly short and somewhat straightforward after a lot of studying beforehand. Ready for Module 7!

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